Transparency  For 2022

4/12/22 Update

We are fully funded for the statehouse. We can still use donations for advertising to get the word out! 

     April 11th Update

March 8th, 2022

Upload of downloaded spreadsheet from account for the organization. So far the only money spent has been on another website, (which was the amount the Founder donated) and other spent on advertisement.

February 23, 2022

So far we are in the fundraising phase of our demonstration. We went from wanting to do a March through Downtown Columbus to focusing our energies at the Statehouse. It was estimated to be $8000 alone to shut down streets and hire the appropriate people, get the appropriate permits, amongst many other things to do everything legally. 

We are estimating around $4000.00 will be needed for a demonstration at the statehouse instead. All receipts for donations will be posted on this page as they are used. At this time any donation is sitting in the appropriate account until is used.

Below is a spreadsheet of the estimated costs calculated by one of our founders. We are waiting for our official estimate from the Event Coordinators at the Statehouse.

We would also like to raise money for pamphlets to pass out during our time at the Statehouse. Thank you for your time.