Nursing Resources

According to the NCSBN, "The state’s duty to protect those who receive nursing care is the basis for a nursing license. Safe, competent nursing practice is grounded in the law as written in the state nurse practice act (NPA) and the state rules/regulations. Together the NPA and rules/regulations guide and govern nursing practice. Find your State's Nurse Practice Act

Ohio Specific Codes

Nurse Practice Act: This allows us to keep our patients safe and to protect our licenses. 

Ohio Revised Code : "Based on the Nurse Practice Act, the Board adopts rules, Chapters 4723-1 through 4723-27 of the Ohio Administrative Code, that establish regulations for licensure and certification, standards of practice, discipline, and pre-licensure nursing education."

Take a look at Ohio Revised Codes for   

Keep in mind

That because we are in healthcare, that doesn't make labor laws not apply to us. Click here to be taken to a page about those entities.