Nurse March Ohio

Uniting Healthcare for the people

Our Mission

To amplify voices of healthcare professionals and educate the public  of issues in the healthcare field. We will provide advocacy and promote legislation that ensures people are placed over profit. Our goals are to ensure legislation is passed to protect the people in the healthcare setting. 

Equality in Healthcare

All people should have access to healthcare no matter their Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, or Socioeconomic Status. This includes educating ourselves on bias in the healthcare system and changing it 

Safe Staffing Legislation

Safe Patient Ratios for Nurses, CNA/PCA/STNA, Respiratory Therapists, and other healthcare personnel. We want to have time to provide care for our patients. This includes Safe harbor legislation.

Stronger laws for violence against Health Care workers

Often healthcare professionals are discouraged from reporting violent acts against them. This includes intimidation from administration to not report incidents that result in harm to staff. To provide care we must be safe

Safer Work Environment

For Healthcare professionals to care for the public, they need to be safer. There has been criminal charges against healthcare professionals for medical errors, but little to no accountability to the healthcare system.


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