Contact Legislators

Contacting Our Legislators by Letter

Letters, phone calls, and emails are a great way to let your representatives know your concerns on issues.

Written letters are one of the most effective ways to get the point across. To gather attention of your representative to your concerns, here are some tips to help write your letter. (Also here is a Sample Legislation Letter )

State your purpose clearly in the first paragraph of the letter.

If your concern is in regards to a specific piece of pending legislation, be sure to include the number of the bill. (for example; House Bill: H.B.__ Senate Bill: SB____.) 

Ask for specific action; include information, using visible examples or rationale to support your position. Backup your claim with research if needed.

Give a reason, (ea. explain how this action will affect your practice, the healthcare of your patients, etc.)

Address only one issue per letter, and try to keep the letter to one page.

If the representative has been supportive of issues in the past, recognize them for their support and efforts.

Put your name and address at the end of the letter AND on the envelope.

Be courteous! Thank them for their time and let them know you are available for any explanation if needed in the letter.

Sample Legislation Letter

Feel free to use this Sample letter to write your lawmakers. This was inspired by many templates online. Try to keep the letter length to one page. You can insert whichever title that is appropriate.  Get to writing!

Your Name Here

123 Paper street

Your City, OH 12345

(123) 867-5309

Date or Topic

Senator (Insert name of senator) 

Senate Bldg Room # 

City, State, Zip code

Dear Honorable Senator (NAME),

My name is (insert name). I am an __insert title____ (title) in (state/jurisdiction). I am writing to request your support/veto for (bill #). This decision will help the public by_________________________ . 

Insert experience/evidence as to why you oppose/support the legislation. 

Passing legislation SB._____ will provided much needed support to the ____insert profession___ by:

Add something here

Add something here

Add another thing here

Maybe another thing here

Why not another thing?

I request that you support (insert bill name) to improve healthcare conditions to the citizens of the State of Ohio. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Insert name 

Legal Title

Contact information